Introducing the PANGO camera backpack…

The PANGO camera backpack is expertly designed to protect delicate and expensive camera equipment. The key to that is a durable, ultra-tough design and high-quality materials that are truly up to the challenge.

Pango is a sleek camera bag. But it’s also a travel bag. An embrace adventure bag. The modular and multifunctional design lets you tailor the bag to a variety of needs, whether you’re commuting to the office, keeping things stylish for street photography, or hauling your gear up hills in search of that epic sunset shot.


– 180 degree View

– Fits laptop up to 18 inches and Ipad Mini

– Portable Camera Cube

– Premium Fabrics and YKK Zippers

– Inbuilt Rain Cover

– G Hooks Belt System

– 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty

Portable Camera Box

The detachable camera cube can be added or removed when needed. It is made of strong fiber sheet on the outside and foamed enough to protect your delicate camera gear. It comes with padded dividers which can be customized based on what gear do you carry.

Are you a minimalist too? Then it’s about time you declutter! You needn’t burden your shoulders with multiple bags anymore. PANGO adds value to your money, thanks to its versatility.

Venture the known and unknown, the urban life and outdoors, taking travel, photography and day-to-day needs in equal stride. Do more and go further by carrying your very own PANGO backpack.

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