Do you love traveling?
Would you like to leave a lasting impact on the places you pass by?

As travelers and backpackers, crisscrossing across cities, towns and the wilderness, one often comes across trash randomly piling up on the sides. When we set out to marvel at nature’s beauty, it pains the heart to see what humanity is giving back to it in turn.

You don’t want to be the generation that ruined it all for the future kids, do you?

Here is a chance to cut back on your plastic and be a more responsible traveler by throwing seeds around instead of trash!

CarryPro is partnering with Plantables, a brand that’s making products using seed paper. There are seeds embedded in the CarryPro tags that are being printed on wood-free paper.
You heard it! The paper is wood-free, made out of waste cotton scraps with plant seeds in it.
Tear up your CarryPro tags and moisten it with water. Put/ Plant it in some soil along the way.
With CarryPro, leave the hope of a plant behind instead of plastic wherever you go!

Surprise– You can now get 10% discount on any Plantables product using the promo code ‘CARRYPRO10’. Yay Yay!

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