It is a pretty bright day for you, you have finished all your important tasks, and you just heard that the travel restrictions are now officially lifted! This news got your energies excited to plan once again for your backpacking adventure to one of your dream travel destinations.

Now, as you start making arrangements for your backpacking trip, you also start researching about the hiking spots, best deals, amazing food spots, etc. Well, we all know that whether you are a beginner backpacker or an experienced one, you are always bound to be bombarded with backpacking tips & tricks from your peers. Right from the advice of discovering stunning locations & native traditions to all the other obvious tips & tricks for backpacking, you’ll hear from them.

But no one will tell you, that packing light-weight with the right backpacking gear could be a revered skill, one that usually develops with time, experience, and plenty of mistakes. Therefore, to get you started on the correct track towards changing into an ultralight hiker, we’ve compiled some ultralight backpacking tips and tricks for perfecting the art of lightening your load.

So, let’s dive deep into the true backpacking meaning and arm ourselves with the right backpacking tips & tricks to make our adventures smooth and our landings soft. Either way, listening to very few details also helps you save massive money in the long run!

1. Keep up with your budget:


Let’s face it, going out rolling on the road will not be much great for your bank balance. Every region in the world is different. Therefore, it is wise to set a daily or weekly budget before you start rolling and stick to it. ‘Cause the worst thing after coming back from an epic trip is checking the shrinking bank balance and a huge debt to pay off.

Few tips on how to effectively manage your budget:

• Off-peak travel can save a lot of cash.

• For safety reasons, please do not skip travel insurance.

• Research and leverage free-stuff wherever you can.

2. Rolling clothes >> Folding clothes

Fold your clothes

With airlines charging fees for checked bags & additionally being into a lot of strict with carry-on necessities, it’s necessary for frequent travelers to know how to squeeze in many clothing and personal things for trips, by expertly folding or rolling.

Rolling your garments truly takes up less area than folding it, as it also helps to keep clothing more crease-free.

When the clothes are rolled, you get much better visibility into your backpack and you could see all the items you packed at a glance.

3. Your breakfast sets the tone for the day:

A crucial hack for the broke packer and a prime tip for 1st time backpackers, free breakfasts will typically offer the complete nutrition needed for one day of adventuring. A hostel serving breakfast may well be a couple of bucks more than others, however if the price difference isn’t huge, you’ll economize within the long haul if you systematically don’t have to pay for breakfast!

Also, it’s more additionally convenient to wake up, chuck something on, roll out of the dorm and acquire breakfast on site while not having to wander the streets finding food.

4. Travel like a minimalist:

The number one backpacking mistake that every classic backpacker makes is: taking too much stuff on. Rather than packing multiple items of average quality, invest in multi-purpose backpacking gear and clothing that will give you years of utilization in a wide range of environments. 

When packing for a backpacking trip, take the heap of clothes you think you need and cut down the number in the middle. Then cut it in half again. Be strict with yourself while backpacking, because, on a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy.

Hauling about a 15kg backpack, when it’s a 30minute stroll in the scorching heat, you’ll regret the extra baggage. As it is rightly said, “If you wish to travel far & fast, travel light.”

5. Know the art of negotiation:

For India & many countries around the world, bargaining is a fact of everyday life. It is just an indisputable fact that the initial stated price is never the best price, and one needs to talk over to negotiate it down.

As a travel tourist, paying little heed to how poor you think you are, a great deal of the world will consider you to be a walking cash bank. Therefore, knowing when & how to negotiate the stated price is knowing how to go backpacking! However, it is important to remember to be reasonable and fair when bargaining. Give people the reward they deserve, but at the same time make sure you don’t get double-crossed.

To master this skill, always remember, “Negotiation is like an athletic contest; momentum is paramount!!” 

6. Communicate with the locals:

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Art of communication

Talking with locals is the only best way to really get to know a new place. It’s the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in local culture and also, meeting people from the area can help expand your worldview and create meaningful friendships, with people you never would have met otherwise.

Take the time to stop and talk with locals and learn about what they enjoy doing in the place where they live. After years of doing just that, you will find that you have gathered an aggregate measure of wisdom from people around the globe, which is a priceless part of one’s backpacking experience.

You may never know, sometimes a simple conversation can turn into one of your greatest adventures!

7. Document your thoughts while traveling:

As a backpacker when you’re rolling on your journey, you get plenty of thoughts running in your mind while seeing the beautiful nature, or maybe, just because of the present environment you’re surrounded with. As soon as you see a stunning view, you get some positive thoughts in your mind, but you manage to stop your running thoughts and just pull-out a device to capture the moment.

In the rush of capturing the moments, we fail to capture our running thoughts while admiring the views. Understand that sometimes it’s nice to have an electronic detox and to be able to sit and write down your thoughts and feelings while you are travelling, because sometimes, only paper will listen to you. Maybe one day you would turn through the pages, just to read out your thoughts & realize how exactly you were experiencing that present moment.

8. Make sure you select the right gear:

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When you’re planning a backpacking trip, even for one-night, doing some homework up front & selecting the appropriate gear accordingly will save you major headaches when you’re on the go. As there’s no correct model for everybody, it relies upon what you’re doing, when and where you’re going, and how long your outing is. Realizing these things will assist you with deciding how much stuff you need to carry.

There may also be times when the skies will open up and the rain will start pouring down, and it is then you need to protect your stuff to keep them dry. Maybe you even have the backpack that is made with water-repellent coated fabric to keep the water away, however, water may still enter through the zippers. In that case, backpacks that besides being water-repellent comes with an in-built rain cover at the bottom to protect the bag from being wet will assist you throughout the journey and allow you to enjoy your beautiful excursion.

9. Embrace the uncertainty:

Planning your trip down to the last hour is far too stressful to be fun. Know that the essence of exploring is to allow a situation to create and transpire before you. Leaving space for suddenness while exploring is vital without a doubt. You should be open and prepared for the challenges life tosses at you and only then you’ll be able to learn from it & have a much better experience the next time. There is no bad in being organized & driven for a backpacking trip, but don’t be obsessive in regards to planning every single thing.

At times, don’t forget to do yourself a favor and take a break every once in a while. Trying to explore every single point of your interest in a given place is only going to exhaust you out and then, you probably won’t enjoy the experience much either.

We promise that you will enjoy it a lot more, when you learn to surf through the waves and not when you try to stop them!

So, when everything returns back to normal and when the travel restrictions are lifted worldwide, we would like to see you beat the track again like never before, explore new stuff and open your mind to every new experience possible and start making beautiful memories again to cherish them forever!