Adventure travel initially brings a lot of questions and guesswork, and hence, one of the biggest and undermined reasons which holds many people back from taking a break and going on an exploring trip is because of the “Myths of Adventure Travel” they get to hear from everyone around them. The problem arises when we have a solid pre-conceived definition of ‘adventure traveler’ as a young, fit, risk-taking person, which is actually the first myth most of the backpackers had initially.

Everybody who sails has the other thought of what adventure travel is. When you get different travel advice from different individuals, it becomes necessary for you to interpret which one applies to you rightly because everything or everyone you listen to is not right for you. Therefore, in this blog, to clear the chaos & confusions occurring in your mind related to adventure travel, we’ve debunked some adventure travel myths which almost every traveler once believed in.

Stay tuned, maybe you had been believing in one of the below mentioned myths until now!

1. Adventure travel is extreme, risky or dangerous:


The true definition of adventure travel is actually a lot more flexible for different travelers, which most travelers are unaware of. It doesn’t necessarily need to include the high adrenaline adventure activities, as what may seem adventure to one person may not be for another.

Yes, adventure travel does involve risks when you decide to push your limits at times. But maybe the risks involved make it so pleasant & enjoyable. Yet, if you feel risky about taking “hard” adventures, you may then try “soft” which include lower risk levels, more comfortable accommodation, and less rigorous physical training.

When you decide to become an adventure traveler, it’s necessary to have enough fear to keep yourself conscious at all times, but don’t let that fear deprive you of the opportunity to travel and have a completely different experience altogether. Making your preparation and research strong before doing something adventurous on the road will make you feel comfortable taking risks. However, to experience true adventure, travel with no plans and then witness yourself encountering the amazing surprises during the journey!

2. Adventure travel with family is not possible:

Admit it or not, one of the many things which you & your family will remember forever are the family trips! The best part is that everyone in your family always enjoys recalling those events that happened during the trip 😉

It’s true that you can’t climb a mountain with your family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure to travel with your family. You can share the fun with your family in several places and experience various activities in different ways! All it needs is a little research to find a specific destination, like backpacking into the valley of green and wild lilies- Dzukou, and there you are with the perfect travel plan for you & your family.

Traveling with your family brings you closer to each other, helps you understand the differences of each and really strengthens your relationships between each other. When you travel with your family, the trip automatically becomes adventurous enough to experience. Of course, there will be different opinions, but in the end, you are all together and with each other, and that is what matters the most. Remember, “The greatest legacy we can leave to our family is memories of happiness and adventure.”

3. You can only travel until you’re young:

The most overrated & poor excuse to avoid adventure travel is, “I’m too old to travel again”.


Adventure is regardless of age, and age is not a barrier for anyone to experiencing something new and getting out of the comfort zones. You just need to get rid of the preconceived notions of what people say, and see yourself exploring everything around you.

Traveling to the same places while you’re young as well as when you’re a bit old, gives you totally new experiences & learnings altogether in each of those visits. Be it any age, travel when you’re able to. Travel, so that the journey transpires the beautiful learnings & experiences before you which you can embrace forever.

As mentioned in the first point, adventure travel doesn’t necessarily include high-adrenaline activities. As you get older, your source of getting an adventure experience might change, and it might change to connecting with like-minded people during the travel, which could be a new source of adventure for you!

Have your own pace & itinerary but, don’t let your energies fade off.

4. You require a perfect physique:

Staying fit is a good practice and helps in traveling also, but this is indeed not the decisive factor for your experience with adventure. There have been many instances, where well-built and strong athletes have not been able to complete their hike/trek, due to breathing difficulties and other reasons. It is generally believed that you must be in good shape to hike across the mountains and venture around the places, but in reality, this is just a mental game!

This is a question of whether or not if you want to push yourself to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and can you cope with the challenge. No matter if you are fit or not, it is just a barrier which you can overcome with the right mindset & attitude.

You don’t need to be sporty, but you do need to be a bit active and have a dream of trying crazy things or being more adventurous on the road. And, when you have a reliable backpack where you can store all your essentials from where you can access them easily, then it really smoothens your travel experience on the go.

5. You need to be a skilled backpacker:


Adventure travels are not just to make memories and to tell stories to your friends later on, but it is more of improving yourself & working on your way up. Just because you don’t have experience in the outdoors doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. Always remember that an experienced backpacker has also started somewhere in his/her life without any experience of adventure travelling.  Adventure travel is more of ‘learning on the go’.

That also doesn’t mean you just go clueless for an adventure, but be more open and willing to experience adventures when you’re on the tracks and learn from the surprises that the journey unfolds before you. That’s how beautiful memories are created & cherished forever!

And if you’re one of those who grew up very self-conscious, then surely through the experience of making spontaneous decisions & being impromptu at times, adventure travel will give you the confidence & independence which you always required.

We need to understand the true beauty of adventure travel is to have an open mind and a desire to immerse yourself in a different environment because, “everything you want is on the other side of your fear.” Just don’t let the unknown stop you from progressing!

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